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iCare Branding Design

iCare Design is a branding and design agency. We assist our international customers through all steps of the process: from the strategy, to design, right up to brand implementation. Our USP is that we offer all brand relevant disciplines in an integrative way: brand strategy, corporate design, packaging design, industrial design, brand communication, and concept implementation. This creates a holistic brand experience for the consumer. Even during early concept phases, we consider the relevant touch points and the impact that concepts and design will have on them.


Industrial design, communications design, marketing experts and Engineers contribute their skills from all perspectives. This is our holistic way of working. Leveraging and building upon these multiple disciplines and perspectives helps us to develop innovative and functional products and brands.


We go through life with open eyes and an inquisitive mind and collect a wide range of ideas and inspiration. We attend more than 20 packaging, manufacturing, design, trend, and innovation trade fairs each year. Our international presence allows for individual market and store checks. From our collection of diverse material, colour and decoration samples and continued analysis, we initiate research, tests and prototypes that construct in our lab and which are incorporated in function and design studies… and much more!


What is the brands USP? What is the competition like? What does differentiation entail? Which distribution channel is best suited for the future? Together with our customers, we provide answers to these questions, for instance by way of brand workshops.We help articulate clear, differentiating, and tangible brand identities, which are then transferred into a unique brand design.


In the workshops, we scrutinise the current positioning, analyse USPs in terms of their future validity and develop SWOT analyses in comparison with competitors and emerging trends. Based on this, we can articulate unique, functional and emotional brand values that will survive and sustain in the market.


We give brands an unmistakeable image using logo, typography, colour, and material. Unique, unusual, recognizable – an anchor for the consumer in an inflationary consumer market.


Packaging must be designed in a way that it reflects the brand, inspires curiosity, creates a buying impulse, and offers long-lasting consumer recognition. We believe that Packaging should provide anchor in the mind of the consumer that sustains the brand massage over time. Good design translates the brand identity into the physical and tangible world. You can rely on our deep knowledge about decoration technology, artwork implementation and the many clever ways to achieve the differentiation in an ever more competitive marketplace.


Industrial design means making brands tangible and accessible. Brand values, innovation and manufacturing technology are the basis for creating successful products. Even in the early concept phases, we guarantee the feasibility of our designs and assist customers through the development process to the final product launch, and beyond.


Even in the early phases, we produce prototypes in-house, to make the products accessible to customers and for consumer research. Based on this, we can fine-tune the results and optimise the products step-by-step. This allows us to avoid any errors during the development.


A product needs effective accompanying elements to generate attention, to attract consumers and guide them during usage, and to reconfirm his initial buying choice. Folding cartons, catalogues, flyers, trade fair stands, advertisements, websites, or displays – we are happy to conceptualise and design the communications methods supporting your brand.